Occupational Medicine in Georgia

Occupational Medicine Services

Why Choose Reddy Urgent Care Occupational Medicine Services?

Our best-in-class urgent care facilities treat initial and follow-up work injuries using a “Return to Work, Stay at Work” philosophy. We can help reduce company and employee out of pocket healthcare costs and minimize productivity losses through our line of Occupational Health Services:

  • Convenience and Expanded Availability
  • Walk-ins 364 days a year
  • Extended night and weekend hours
  • Minimal wait time as priority patient
  • Labs and x-ray onsite
  • Job Description Assessment & Light-duty
  • Recommendations
  • Reduce missed workdays
  • Improve same day return to work
  • Timely Reporting
    Timely communication with follow-up status
  • Effective communication with treatment provider

Complete and bring the Employer Authorization Form with you when you come in for initial treatment.

Occupational Medicine Forms

Worker’s Compensation Injury Care

When workplace injury and illness occur, WellStreet providers will provide your employees with quality, courteous initial and follow-up injury care, in a comfortable atmosphere.

We offer work related injury/illness follow-up appointments between the hours of clinic opening and 5:30 p.m., Monday through Friday; clinic hours vary by location. Follow-up appointments will be scheduled at the end of your visit prior to leaving the clinic. If you need immediate treatment before your scheduled visit, walk-ins are welcome any day of the week from clinic opening to close.

  • Worker’s Compensation Initial Visit
  • Worker’s Compensation Follow-up Visit
  • Return to Work
  • Fit for Duty Physical Exam
  • Pre-Placement Screening & Exam

During facility hours of operation, cutoff time for drug screens are 2 hours prior to clinic closing time.

Cutoff times do not apply for drug screens required with injury care.

Employer Services

Below is a general list of services we offer. For services available at select locations please review the services listed by location.

  • Immunizations
  • Wellness Screening
  • Hazardous Materials/Surveillance Exam
  • Flu Shot
  • Respirator Clearance
  • Annual Physical
  • Pre-Placement Screening & Exam
  • Radiology / Diagnostics
  • Fit for Duty Examinations
  • OSHA Regulated Testing
  • Non-DOT and DOT – Drug Screen

Occupational Medicine Locations

Employee Flu Shots and Vaccinations

Inoculate early to reduce loss in productivity

We can help you maintain a healthier and more productive workforce with our vaccination services and flu shot clinics. By making sure your employees are properly vaccinated against flu and other diseases, you can protect your business and minimize decreased productivity.

Pre-Placement Services

Minimizing workplace injury

Our experienced clinicians have been performing a variety of employee physicals and conducting workplace drug screenings to help prevent work-related injuries. We can help you maintain a workforce that is medically and physically able to function at peak performance.

Our specialized pre-placement services include:

  • Employee physicals
  • Compliance physicals (such as OSHA and DOT physicals)
  • Human performance evaluations
  • Workplace drug screenings (which, like all our drug screenings, utilize the Advanced Toxicology network)
  • Regulatory drug screenings
  • Pre-employment drug screenings

Drug Testing

Fast, convenient and effective risk control

Drug tests and drug screening for your employees is a key component of your company’s risk control plan. Reddy Urgent Care Centers makes the process efficient, convenient, and reliable, and offers several options to meet your specific needs:

  • Employees can take the test at one of our convenient medical centers or on-site at their place of work.
  • The testing is performed by e screen and also by national labs.
  • Testing turnaround times are within 48 hours (or even faster with our “Rapid Test” products).
  • You can customize your reporting structure, including having the results sent to one centralized location or to various work locations with your choice of web, e-mail, fax or phone notification.

Our drug testing services can fulfill any of a variety of employer goals:

  • Our workplace drug screenings, also known as alcohol and drug screenings are often an effective component in ensuring employee health, safety, and productivity.
  • DOT drug screenings help you to comply with regulatory guidelines set by the Department of Transportation.
  • Pre-employment drug screenings not only help you in your hiring process, but also help to create a safer work environment.

Employee Physicals

A healthier, safer workplace

Our experienced clinicians can help your company maintain a healthier and safer workforce by performing a variety of workplace-related employee physicals. Whether you need fitness-for-duty examinations, employment physical exams or executive physicals, regulatory or compliance examinations, or employee wellness examinations, our health specialists have the expertise required to help you mitigate risk and promote a more productive workplace.

Unlike the examinations you schedule with your regular physician, Reddy Urgent Care employee physicals can be conducted without an appointment. And our facilities are often located conveniently near your workplace or in your employees’ communities to best accommodate individuals and expedite exams.

Fitness-for-duty examinations help confirm that your employees can perform the required job duties unique to their positions.

Employment physical exams and executive physicals help determine whether certain applicants or employees are medically and physically able to perform their roles. These exams compare the health of the individual with the expected demands of a specific occupational role to ascertain appropriate fitness. Our providers will review a patient’s medical and occupational history before proceeding with a thorough physical examination.

Regulatory and compliance examinations help establish a medical baseline for your employees in accordance with the appropriate regulatory agencies. DOT physicals (Department of Transportation) and OSHA physicals (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) are two common examples of such examinations. This type of examination can also be used for periodic medical monitoring, when required.

Employee wellness examinations help establish baseline medical information as part of a company’s voluntary health and wellness initiatives. The wellness of your employees has a direct impact on your company’s productivity and effectiveness. Reddy Urgent Care Centers can helps you set a standard by performing examinations and reporting critical data to your company’s health directors.

Worksite services

Customized on-site health services

Many medium-to-large size companies find that it’s more cost-effective and contributes to greater employee productivity to have medical services provided to their employees at the workplace. After discussing your needs with you, we’ll customize our wide breadth of on-site services and programs and suggest specific staffing models.

On-site Medical and Therapy Programs

With our on-site medical and therapy programs, we can bring the resources right to your workplace. Whether you need a full time or a part-time nurse with telemedicine service and access to our physicians, we’ll customize your on-site facility specifically to fit your business.

Here are some of the on-site medical services available to your business:

  • Pre-placement screenings
  • Drug Screenings
  • Return-to-work
  • Wellness
  • Minor Injury management
  • We’ll also help you with the time-consuming aspects of health care, such as compliance, liability, and administration.

At-Work Episodic Programs

A flexible approach to your company’s health care

Our episodic programs include Health Fairs and health and safety education sessions tailored to your needs.

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